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Early Childhood Program

Preschool and Kindergarten programs for ages 2-1/2 to six are centered on purposeful activity and imaginative play to foster healthy intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

Elementary Grades 1-5

Engaging, art-infused academics challenge students to develop a wide range of skills and capacities. Our rich curriculum is based on a profound understanding of human development, and inspires a life-long love of learning.

Middle School Grades 6-8

Our curriculum is carefully designed to correspond with the interests and increased abilities of the middle school student, producing versatile, articulate, self-sufficient, inquisitive graduates, well prepared to continue their academic path.

Open Houses 2014-15

November 18  •  6:30 pm
January 15  •  6:30 pm
March 7  •  10:00 am

Tours during school hours are offered a few times throughout the year. Read more…

Gardening Builds Many Skills

Open House November 18

Tuesday, Nov 18 • 6:30 pm
Meet faculty and learn how our rich curriculum works with your child’s natural development.

Childhood and Media

Tuesday, Dec 9 • 6:30 pm
Gain insight into how children are affected by media exposure. Presented by Johanna Steegmans.