With Education, We Create the Future

Our Story

The Eastside Community School was created by a group of dedicated parents and faculty who were originally part of the Three Cedars Waldorf School (TCWS) community. TCWS was established in Bellevue more than 20 years ago by a group of visionary parents inspired to give their children the gift of a Waldorf education.

Over the years, the school’s operational budget underwent several cuts and TCWS approached Seattle Waldorf School (SWS) with a proposal to create one joint Waldorf school. The schools merged in 2016, but the hope that SWS’s infrastructure would strengthen our school was not realized. In June of 2017, SWS announced its decision to sell our campus and close the Three Cedars program. This startling news—however devastating to parents, faculty and children—has served as our inspiration to create another fully functioning Waldorf school on the Eastside.

Currently operating under the name “Eastside Community School,” we will transition back to an autonomous independent  school in July of 2018.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Eastside Community School, we believe that every child comes into the world with a unique purpose. Our task is to help our students develop the skills, talents, and capabilities they need on their way to fulfilling that purpose.

We are proud to be inspired by Waldorf Education, a worldwide movement that began in 1919. Through generations, the educational philosophy of world-renowned scientist, artist, and founder of Anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner, has guided students toward lives where they excel at being who they really are: mathematicians, artists, entrepreneurs, biochemists, teachers, leaders. We believe that the most important lesson of all is to learn to fully be ourselves.

With a broad, rich, and unique curriculum and specially trained teachers, we develop our students to their fullest potential—spiritually, artistically, ethically, intellectually, socially, and physically. By understanding, respecting, and nurturing each phase of childhood, we inspire a genuine, lifelong love of learning. In a very real way, Eastside Community School creates the future.

Our Core Values

At the most basic level, we believe that the world is good and beautiful. The qualities we embrace and develop in our students reflect a positive, hope-filled approach to education, where working as a team is embraced, yet where the differences between us as individuals are recognized and cherished.

Learning Imbued with the Arts

When students feel deeply about a subject, they internalize learning, rather than simply memorizing information for the short term. This is why we believe it is important for students to use fine and practical arts throughout their studies, discovering the breadth of human feelings and expressing them through stories, drama, music, and painting.

A Human Connection

Students, teachers, parents, staff—we’re all humans first, and human beings are social beings. At Eastside Community School, we invest in long-term relationships between your family and ours. Just as we teach our students, we affirm the human values of mutual respect, courtesy, cooperation, and service. Just as our students learn to thrive and interact in complex social settings, we share a commitment to resolving differences.

Hard Work and Joy

Everyone has areas in which they excel and in which they struggle. We encourage students to work diligently and persevere even in those areas of study that don’t come easily, and we allow them to experience both the joy of ease and the joy of accomplishment. We help children develop all the gifts that they have so that they may become who they are truly meant to be.