Community Meeting Schedule

Come together with parents and faculty at our next Community…
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Community Study Group

In this Study Group, we are reading and discussing several books…

Video: Waldorf 100 - The Film

The film "Learn to Change the World" shows people from around…
Children pulling a washtub sleigh

How We Prepare Children for Grade School

Simplicity is a goal in our curriculum, but what happens within the children is not so simple. Through play and rhythm the children build a strong foundation for success.
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Video: Reading Instruction in Kindergarten—Little to Gain, Much to Lose

Watch this video about the lack of research supporting the Common Core State Standards that call for kindergartners to learn how to read.
Carding Wool

Handwork and Craft Ideas for Young Children

Children's hands need to become skillful, sensitive, and strong, so they can accomplish wonderful deeds. Through activity of the fingers the child connects to the world through a sensory experience.

Video: Preparing for Life

This video shows how Waldorf develops the capacities children need for success, purpose and joy in life. Watch video…