Programs and Curriculum Overview

Inspired to Learn, Prepared to Thrive

At Eastside Community School, we are inspired by the educational philosophies of Waldorf Education. Each school year is designed to meet children’s evolving aptitude for experiences and social interactions. Because our students cultivate unique intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual capacities while developing their academic skills, they emerge with the freedom to act and think, confident in themselves, their path, and their place in the world.

About Waldorf Education

Waldorf® Education is rooted in a profound understanding of how children learn and grow, based on the principles of education from world-renowned, scientist, artist, and founder of Anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner. This approach nurtures the natural joy that children take in learning with lessons not simply based on repetition and memorization, but imbued with arts and experienced through immersive, hands-on participation.