Gardening Builds Many Skills

Open House March 7

Saturday, March 7 • 10 am
Meet faculty and learn how our rich curriculum works with your child’s natural development.

Take a Tour During the School Day

Wed, May 6, 2015 • 10 am  Come see our school while classes are in session, tour our campus and get answers to your questions.

Childhood: Age Seven to Fourteen

Thursday, Jan 22 • 6:30 pm
How does our curriculum adjust to support children as they progress through grade school?

Childhood: Birth to Age Seven

Thursday, Oct 23 • 6:30 pm
Johanna Steegmans will explore how Waldorf Education works with the developing child and how…

A Healing Education Workshop

Friday, Nov 7 • 6:30 pm &
Sat, Nov 8 • 9:00 am

Jeff Tunkey will lead a workshop exploring the needs of children…

Childhood and Media

Tuesday, Dec 9 • 6:30 pm
Gain insight into how children are affected by media exposure. Presented by Johanna Steegmans.