May Faire & Garage Sale

Saturday, May 3
May Faire 10 am–2 pm
Garage Sale 8 am–5 pm

Welcome in the spring with fun and merriment for all!
Kindergartner Enjoys the Spring Parade

School Starting Age: The Evidence

Early childhood education experts in England advocate play-based preschools and delayed start of formal schooling.
Early Childhood Student Share a Moment

Take a Tour During the School Day

Wednesday, May 7 • 8:30 am  Come see our school while classes are in session, tour our campus and get answers to your questions.

Simplicity Parenting

Information Session: Fri, Feb 28
This program is designed to help families reduce stress and raise calmer, happier, secure children.
First Grade Student

Open House in March

Saturday, March 1 • 10:00 am
Meet faculty and learn how our rich curriculum works with your child’s natural development.
Aerial View of Our Site

Three Cedars Master Site Plan

Our Master Site Plan, required by the City of Bellevue for all future site improvements, will preserve the lush beauty of our…