Winter Break Update

As we prepare for Winter Break and the coming new year, we would like to provide an update on our work preparing for the 2018-2019 school year.

Our Faculty is On Board
All of our current faculty members (both administrative and pedagogical) are contributing actively to the development of Eastside Community School and most of them intend to be working at the school in the coming year. We look forward to offering employment agreements to current faculty by early spring and sharing the full list of personnel when agreements are signed.

Our Campus in Bellevue
Eastside Community School has signed a Letter of Intent with the International Friends School to lease Buildings A and B of our current Three Cedars campus. The final lease is scheduled to be executed by the first week of January. The lease will allow most, if not all, of our programs to stay on the current Three Cedars campus for two years if needed. Meanwhile, we are strategizing with real estate consultants to help us identify our long-term home.

Our Commitment to Financial Sustainability
Our fundraising team is working hard with great success to build up a healthy account balance that will enable us to cover our immediate costs prior to receiving tuition income and to strengthen our financial health into the future. Our community has already raised the funds necessary to fulfill the $50,000 deposit required for the lease of the current Three Cedars campus. The Winter Bazaar alone raised over $10,000—thank you!

With the support of the faculty and wider community, our Board of Trustees is building a business plan to ensure long-term sustainability. The foundation of this plan is developing a culture of giving that is the bedrock of all non-profits, providing predictable income sourced from the community—not from a single patron.

Our Commitment to Our Families
We are committed to making our school accessible to as many families as possible. We hope to set our 2018-19 tuition at or slightly below the 2017-18 Three Cedars tuition amount and expect to continue offering financial assistance for families who need it.

We continue to research the Charter School option on a parallel path. Timelines were too short for the 2019-20 school year, but this option remains for the 2020-21 school year.

Our Next Steps
Open houses, site tours, and admission applications for new families are already underway. Current families can expect to receive a 2018-19 commitment letter and information packet by early January.

In addition, we are looking for additional board members to expand the board in the interest of better representing the entire community. Please let us know if you are interested in serving or if there are community members that you would like to nominate.

Eastside Community School Board and Board Advisors